World is one family.

The change
is within you.



by Shivshakti Foundation

Shivshakti Yogpeeth is a tranquil place amidst the majestic Himalayan foothills of North India. Join us in exploring the essence of yoga and spiritual awareness, guiding you towards a more meaningful and balanced life. Strengthen your body, refresh your mind, find inner peace.







Hello, I am
Ram Rattan

Founder of Shivshakti Foundation,
Former professional judoka,
Yoga instructor & Certified meditation teacher

At my core I believe that people with spiritual awareness can change the world for better. We care for people who believe in giving & living a meaningful life because we want them to become the change that the world needs.

My yoga teaching is rooted in the breath-based yoga style but also draws on other types of yoga, including ashtanga, power vinyasa, and shadow yoga. I also have a long-time Buddhist meditation practice, so I regularly include breathing exercises and meditation in my classes.

Hatha yoga

Restore balance and rediscover your true self within nature

Revitalize your vitality with our wellness programs, promoting overall rejuvenation. Our holistic approach supports health, reduces inflammation, improves digestion, and boosts energy for a youthful and vibrant life


Savor Yogpeeth's fresh vegetarian cuisine in our Café. Thoughtfully crafted for your holistic well-being. From vibrant salads to wholesome main courses, every bite nourishes body and soul, embracing a mindful culinary experience.
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Embark on a transformative stay where our ethos thrives. The sanctuary we provide strictly prohibits alcohol, drugs, and smoking, fostering an environment dedicated to your well-being—a haven of tranquility and wholesome living. Immerse yourself in this nurturing space.
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Experience invigorating hikes, explore the mystical Shiva Cave, or indulge in serene yoga sessions by the waterfall. Our carefully curated activities are designed to foster a profound sense of balance throughout your stay.
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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to arrive by car?

Yes and no. Our Yogpeeth is situated uphill, a scenic 10-minute drive from Upper Tappovan, surrounded by pristine nature and the gentle sounds of waterfalls. There’s no traffic—just a winding, unpaved road leading to this secluded retreat. This remote setting makes it an ideal location for a holistic yoga program or a peaceful getaway from city life.

For those opting to drive, a slow and cautious approach, along with sufficient ground clearance, makes private car access feasible. Alternatively, we offer a complimentary pickup service in the village. Our experienced drivers will safely transport you to us in off-road SUVs.

Is alcohol available in Rishikesh, and is it allowed in the Yogpeeth?

In Rishikesh, the sale and consumption of alcohol are generally restricted. It is known as a place with a more conservative approach, and the influence of yoga and spirituality has led to alcohol being less prevalent compared to other places.

The sanctuary we provide strictly prohibits alcohol, drugs, and smoking, fostering an environment dedicated to your well-being. We, therefore, kindly ask you to respect our house rules, as we do not tolerate the consumption of the mentioned substances or the presence of intoxicated individuals in our Yogpeeth.

Ideal for yoga lovers and for Hindu spirituality aficionados. The family running the place can transform your holiday into a real Indian journey, as they are lovely and they manage an enthusiastic team.


The environment around the stay was very amazing, it is very close to a lot of waterfalls. The cafe on the stage is very nice and the food is very good.


Close to the city and the excitement of Rishikesh, yet far from the noise and the crowds, this is a very nice retreat with daily yoga sessions and nourishing food for the mind and body.



ADDRESSShiv Shakti Yogpeeth
(Close to "Secret Waterfall")

WORKING HOURSMon - Sun: 24 hours
CONTACT INFOPhone: (+91) 082210 61819
Email: [email protected]

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