Philosophy of Shiva-Shakti

In the cosmology, the whole universe is perceived as being created, penetrated and sustained by two fundamental forces, which are permanently in a perfect, indestructible union. These forces or universal aspects are called Shiva and Shakti.

It is believed that the God is Lord Shiva and the woman part is his consort Goddess Parvati or Shakti. The Ardhanareeshvara represents a constructive and generative power. Ardhanareeshvara symbolizes male and female principles cannot be separated. It conveys the unity of opposites in the universe.
The masculine Shiva represents consciousness. The feminine shakti is the activating and energizing principle. The two are said to unite in the crown chakra, sparking transformation in the form of spiritual enlightenment.
Both Shiva and Shakti are alive in both men and women. All of us have divine masculine (Shiva) aspects and divine feminine (Shakti) aspects to our being. It’s said that our feminine side resides on our left side, while the masculine resides on our right side. We hold these energies within us and, when united, there’s a complete balance, joy and presence within our very being.

About us

Inspired by the concept of Shiv-Shakti, the resort in Tapovan Rishikesh is a perfect setting to enable one to hear the ‘voice of the inner self’.

Shiv-Shakti Yogpeeth is cast in the colours of the earth (soil) and its form and spirit celebrates simplicity and purity, in keeping with our ethos of a well being holiday. Shiv-Shakti Yogpeeth one of the finest wellness retreats in the world and we are dedicated to promoting healing the body, mind and soul through authentic Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Naturopathy and spiritual tradition of yoga in a holistic manner. Shiv Shakti Yogpeeth is architecturally well-designed in lap of nature. The cosy, airy and natural well-designed facilities with picturesque views will make your stay unforgettable. Shiv Shakti Yogpeeth is surrounded by scenic views and trails, the goodness of lush greens and the refreshing clean air to nourish the overall well-being.

Shiv-ShaktiYogpeeth goes beyond being a retreat in the traditional sense. Its goal is to offer a time away from all the clutter in your life and transport you into a nurturing space that is both calming and exhilarating for you and your loved ones. Shiv-Shakti Yogpeeth can be experience overnight or better over a longer duration. To benefit from this unique and immersive holiday, we recommend at least 3 days stay. It is a time for yourself to plan it to your pace and liking. We also offer curated programmes for wellbeing and health for 3, 7, 10, 14, 21-28 days.